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This fantastic object features a brushed aluminum frame against a golden, high gloss image surface: creating a cool mid-century vibe. Perhaps a young man’s fantasy while sitting at the kitchen counter staring into a Formica top of boomerangs. The cross-contoured, exposed layers of plywood create a graphic linearity that sets off an optical reverberation. “Hey. You. Get offa my cloud”. Designed to stand alone on a tabletop, or cradled in your lap as you sit comfortably in your easy chair to examine it closer. Ultimately, a cultish, Mannerist-Pop sensibility role seems a proper niche for this introspective composition.

Waterfall Watusi
Waterfall Watusi
Enamel and varnish carved plywood
12.75" (h) x 9.35" (w) x 3" (d)