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This work is a grouping of mixed-component characters to create a narrative about the relationships between them. I entitle the group as “Meeting”. An influence is the surrealist game “Exquisite Corpse”. The work is two figures. The male figure is “You’re full of air, my friend”:

He wends about with the wind in his head.
His face at full sail, it propels him along.
He’s not so big.
He says, “Hi!”

The female figure is entitled, “Senora Wences”:

Fistbump First Class.
She’s squared away.
She doesn’t have her sea legs yet.
But she’s walking on air, and the bulkhead won’t stop her.

“You’re full of air, my friend” is hand-carved maple, purpleheart, and walnut,
20“(h) x 12“(w) x 5“(d).

“Senora Wences” is hand-carved mahogany, maple, walnut, fir, plywood, and hardware,
13.75 “(h) x 11“(w) x 11“(d).

Together, the groupings are variable in size.

I am refining the details, but as of now, I am considering the work as finished in a “raw” state. This differs from my usual finished effect which is shiny with some brushed enameled color. Left in the “raw”, the work has more immediacy like a drawing: a drawing with the physical and optical aspects of real space and planes. These are the interests that are my real satisfaction in inventing these pieces.

The Meeting
The Meeting
Various handcarved hardwoods
Variable as a group