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A scary clown-themed guitar with through-the-body green-glass eyes that transmit the back light through to the front for a “flashing” effect. Body is hard ash and painted with enamels. Maple through-the-body neck with ebony fretboard and peghead carved as a clown hat with an eight-ball top. Multicolored Steinberger tuners finish the hat. Hot-wound Carvin humbuckers are painted into the teeth of the mouth and mounted from behind to make a very clean look (see back detail photos). The piece also has a Wilkinson tremolo, mini-switch for coil-tap, two tones controls (0.05 cap and Black Ice gain tone). Dice knobs complete the look.

You can also view "Dicey Clown" at Joe's Record Paradise in Silver Spring, MD.
Reach them at 301-585-3269.

Dicey Clown
Dicey Clown
Ash, maple, ebony, Steinberger tuners, Wilkinson tremelo, Carvin S22B pickup, enamel, varnish, marbles